Validator Claim

Instructions to claim your Validator on Avascan

Got a question or need support? Ask in the #✅programs channel in our Discord channel.

Our Validator Claim Program is to be the way Validators can apply to be more recognizable for current and potential delegators, as well as users and developers, on the Avalanche network.

At launch, we support Alias and Icon visualization in the Validators list, as well as rich information in the Validator Details.

The information involved in the Verification are the following:

  • Alias: the alias of the individual validator. If a single entity (company, individual) has more than one Validator, this is a great way of differentiating the set. For example, Avascan has two different Validators, so it uses different aliases for them, that coincide with the names used in our delegation campaigns on Twitter and Telegram: 'Lazy' Snorlax and Ditto;

  • Icon: An image that can represent the Alias, the Manager, or both. It's displayed in square format. For example, for Avascan's Validators, the logo is Avascan's logo. We recommend a SVG or PNG format.

  • Manager: the entity that manages the Validator. In our case, it's Avascan.

What we don't accept in a claim

  • Offensive or inappropriate Alias/Manager/Icon

  • Public people Names (including Alias/Manager/Icon)

  • Fake information (ex: Managed by Avascan/Avalabs if is not the case)

How to claim?

  • In “Beneficiary” you can see the address associated to your Node, it is the one you have to sign the message from

  • Go to and access your wallet

  • Go to Advanced and write the memo in the Sign a Message box (see format in the image below)

  • Select the address that match the beneficiary address of your node

  • Copy the signature that is generated

Removing/updating the Claim

If you want to remove or update a Claim associated with one of your validators, you can do so by signing a new message including the NodeID and just one other field of your choice.

Claims are processed daily and all the information will be updated in up to 24 hours on working days. If you have any question or need support ask in our #programs channel on Discord.

Some Validators already completed their claim, so check them out!

Got a question or need support? Ask in the #✅programs channel in our Discord channel.

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