In this page you can browse all the ERC20 tokens present in the Avalanche network (native or bridged) ranked by market cap value.

Market cap, short for market capitalization, is the misuration of the total value of an asset expressed in USD.

The number is obtained with the following calculation: current token price multiplied by total circulating supply.

Page structure

This page is accesible directly from the Homepage by clicking on the Marketcap button available on the top.

  • Rank: position in the table, from the highest to the lowest

  • Token: name, brief description, logo and the involved chain

  • Symbol: token symbol

  • Address: token address

  • Created at: date and time

  • Price: current token price, expressed in USD

  • Supply: current token supply, expressed in millions

  • Market cap: current token marketcap, expressed in USD. By clicking on the icon next to it you'll be redirected to GeckoTerminal liquidity pool (if present)

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