Address Claim

Introducing Meta Attributes for addresses. This feature will let us map all the addresses available on Avalanche with additional details, including:

  • Alias

  • Owner

  • Unlock date of the whole funds (if the address belongs to the genesis block);

  • Type: can be an address related to an exchange, the AEB bridge*, a *dapp, and much more!

  • symbol for token contract addresses;

  • Icon

  • Reputation: this is a discretional tag, that Avascan staff will periodically update to reflect the status of the project related to the token address or address as it's perceived in the Avalanche community (and beyond). There are 4 tags:

    • Unknown: default for every address, it means that we don’t have enough information;

    • Low: meaning that there has been something suspicious about it;

    • Medium: there is a lot of chatter about it, but we don’t know if it’s a safe project or not;

    • High: we know the team, have high confidence and there’s good hype around it.

How to claim ownership

Reading the name of your project and seeing your icon while browsing will surely enhance the trust of your investors.

What do you need:

  • A PNG or SVG logo

  • A list of your contracts addresses (via Docs link, Github link, just a written list, etc)

To claim ownership, write in our Discord server in the channel #addresses and provide us the list and/or the logo, we will immediately proceed to identity verification and then update the info.

Your information will be updated shortly. Whenever a new address is added to your project, tell us and we'll provide the service. This helps us, helps you and also the community by preventing scam and augmenting trasparency.

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