Verified contracts

In this page you can browse all the contract verified on C-chain.

A verified contract has its sourcecode reviewed successfully in terms of security, bugs and issues.

You can verify your contract here

Page structure

This page is accessible by clicking from the homepage on Blockchain and then Verified contracts

The results are displayed in different columns:

  • Address: asset address

  • Contract name: name of the asset

  • Version: the version of contract's code language used

  • TXS: how many TXs involving this asset happened

  • Setting: you can see two icons, a lightning and a wrench which respectively represent Optimization enabled and Constructor arguments

  • Creator: if present, the address that created the contract

  • Created at: date and time

  • Verified at: date and time

  • TX hash: or so called Transaction ID, the unique identifier for a transaction, and the subnet in which it was executed

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