X-Chain indexing is provided by Norge, Avascan's powerful custom Avalanche indexer.

At time of writing, X-Chain is the most completely indexed chain among the chains validated by the Primary Network. X-Chain indexing is provided by Norge, Avascan’s custom indexer now in version 1.0, announced in our Explore #11 newsletter in late 2020.

Data about X-Chain is accessible by clicking on the X-Chain button in the navbar. Currently, all aggregated data and the transaction list shown in the home page show data from X-Chain only.

The Transactions on X-Chain page shows basic information about X-Chain: its name and blockchain ID, as well as a list of transactions and assets on-chain, that are displayed in two tabs that can browsed by clicking either the TRANSACTION or the ASSETS button in the right side of the page. By default, the TRANSACTIONS tab is shown first.

More coming soon!

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