Avalanche Market Cap

Aggregating all tokens on the Avalanche network

Introducing one of the biggest changes since the launch of Avascan: the Avalanche Tokens List.

This new token list aggregates all the tokens on X-Chain and C-Chain. This list is part of a series of changes that will make Avascan future proof, as Avalanche continues to expand and new blockchains and subnets will make their way in the network.

Since this is in beta, you will see changes to this page almost every week, whether new price feeds are added, the layout is adjusted or new tokens are mapped.

The Avalanche Tokens List aims to be the go-to list for everyone that wants to have a complete vision on the total market cap of Avalanche.

This is different from what you see on CoinGecko or Coinmarketcap, because here you will only see the actual market cap present in the network, whether it is for native or bridged tokens.

Tokens are sorted by market cap and will be sorted again by Blue Badge within the end of the month. If you want to see your token high in the list, it needs a Blue Badge. See our new docs page to understand more about what’s that and how to get it.

We will have a beta period of about three months, in which we will study how users browse the list, how they use it, and how can we make it the perfect destination for all users to analyze tokens on Avalanche.

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