Universal Search v0.1

Search addresses, tokens, NFTs, validators and delegations across the Avalanche network

It’s basically the first step towards a universal search for anything on the Avalanche network, starting with the Primary Network.

When you search for a contract, token, or address, Avascan will show the most relevant results. The search algorithm works as it follows: it searches the keyword on NodeIDs, delegator and validator beneficiary addresses, token and dapp names, along with other IDs, looking for partial matches too.

Then the magic happens: we combine all tokens on a single list, describing which chain they’re on, and sort addresses, tokens and smart contracts by their alias or name. For tokens, we sort them again by market cap, and then we sort this whole result by Blue Badge check.

The Blue Badge is basically a verified badge (very familiar to what you see on other explorers or even on social networks) that we give to projects that we know very good.

We are rolling out the Blue Badge to new projects’ contracts and addresses every week. See our new docs page to know more about it. With this algorithm, the search is going to get better and better, as we get more token prices and more data about addresses and tokens.

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