Every Avalanche data at a glance
Avalanche is a network of blockchains: such a complex platform requires an easy way to browse it. Blockchains, transactions, validators, delegators, assets and smart contracts are all part of the same picture. The Avascan explorer is the answer: designed to be a one-stop shop, it allows users to browse, and developers to build on its API.
The home page has several features such as: Pages list, data blocks, Bridge block, Genesis block, Latest transactions block and Latest Whale Transaction block.

Pages list

On the top right you can access easily to the various pages of the site, such as:
  • X-Chain: for all the information about this page click here
  • C-Chain: this page displays all the trasactions, block and tokens on this very chain in the Avalanche network
  • All Chains: this page displays all the blockchains active on the Avalanche Network, featuring several informations and data
  • Marketcaps (Beta): this page displays all the tokens and their relative market cap. In addition you can see the current price and the total supply.
  • Stats: a page that includes much more such as the whale transactions, the hot dapps page and much more. In other words all the available features in the network.
  • Staking: for all the information about this page click here
Below the page buttons there is the search bar where you can search dinamically. Our universal search allows searching by type and the results are sorted by type (ex: token, contract etc). Also Avalanche native tokens are displyed as first results in the search. For more informations

Utility blocks

This section is the core of the homepage, having the informations that generally everybody search about a particoular coin. The informations are updated dinamically to keep the datas fresh, in detail:
  • Blockchains: the current number of blockchains on the Network
  • Validators: the current number of active validators
  • Staking ratio: the percentage of $AVAX staked of the total supply
  • Staking rewards: an avarage percentage of the various stakes
  • Price: Current value of 1 $AVAX in USD
  • Market cap by circulating supply: value obtained by the price and the number of tokens circulating
  • Market cap by total supply: value obtained by adding the market cap of the total projects tokens supply and the market cap of the circulating supply of $AVAX
  • Circulating supply: number of $AVAX circulating between holders, projects and other
  • Transactions (last 24 hours) X-Chain: the number of TX in the last day on this chain, for more details
  • Transactions (last 24 hours) C-Chain: the number of TX in the last day on this chain
  • Avg TPS (last 24 hours) X-Chain – C-Chain
  • Avg time to finality X-Chain – C-Chain – P-Chain: affirmation time needed for a block to be not revocated once committed to the blockchain
  • Gas Price C-Chain: price in nanoAVAX per unit of gas to pay the fees for different operations
  • Tokens X-Chain – C-Chain: the total amount of tokens on the network
  • Burned since launch X-Chain – C-Chain: the toal amout of burned $AVAX, for more details


This section shows the value in USD of the total migrated tokens from others chain to the Avalanche chain. Is a useful tool to look at the market tranding; of course visiting the page you can see all the details. You can browse TXs and tokens to understand better the movement of the supply and of course the relative possibile change of price.


In this section few Genesis stats are displayed. The genesis consists in the creation of $AVAX tokens and it is sorted by timelocked or not; also the total supply is displayed. For more details you can visit the Genesis page.

Latest transactions

Here are displayed the latest 10 transactions on both C-Chain and X-Chain, the block is updated every few seconds.
You can also find the last Whale Transactions (for more info click here). Only one is displayed because of course those type of TX happen less frequently than the normal ones.