Whale Transactions
Browse the latest and top transactions over 100,000 AVAX
This section is a part of the Stats page and it shows all the so called Whale transactions: in other words all the transaction on the Avalanche network over 100,000 $AVAX
Those big transactions always alarm users for many reasons:
    Is relevant to know how big holders are moving funds across the network
    Could be made by a project moving timelocked funds, pools funds
    Could move significantly $AVAX price
    Could be part of an exploit, a rug pull or some other scam
The more you know the safer you are, that's why we decided to make this section, to monitor all the activity and be able to take action, if is needed.

Page structure

The section is divided in other two sections: Latest 100 and Top 100.
Displaying only 100 will keep updated daily and help the investors to stay focused on the movements happening on the chain.
You can filter the displayed datas by all chains, X-Chain and C-Chain.
the chain filters
displayed columns
The columns where the datas are displayed are divided by:
    From: the sending address
    To: the receiving address or the smart contract interacted with
    Created at: date and hour of the transaction
    Amount: number of $AVAX transferred
    Value: total value in the current $AVAX price
We currently only support whale transactions executed with AVAX as the main token transferred. We will support more tokens in the future.
Last modified 8d ago
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