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How to add rich information to your asset on Avascan

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As per our announcement in the newsletter Explore #4, we introduce our Asset Claim Program (ACP, in short).

The ACP is supposed to be the way Minters can add rich information about the asset thay they created. Almost 180 assets have been deployed on X-Chain to date, and more will come, as the Avalanche network grows over time.

For users: assets with details added via ACP are not verified. Avascan cannot verify the integrity of a specific asset other than AVAX, the main asset, and SCAN, the token deployed by Avascan itself. Avascan does not endorse any other asset. We will label public projects eventually.

The information involved in the Claim are the following:

  • AssetID: the unique identifier of the asset on the Avalanche network;

  • Icon: an image representing the coin/asset;

  • Minter: the primary asset's manager or owner. It is the person that actually mints the coins.

For the time being, since Avascan is still under heavy development to properly support all types of assets, we will only claim assets that meet the following criteria:

  • Single-address Minter;

  • Fixed cap.

How to apply for the Avascan Asset Details Program

Applying for the ACP requires the Minter to send two transactions:

1. Details Tx

  • Recipient address: X-avax1d2k252djnyeshjpgqggh6r8ntle966udf59s5g;

  • Amount: 1 AVAX;

  • Memo: AssetID MinterContact IconURL

2. Confirmation Tx

  • Recipient address: X-avax1d2k252djnyeshjpgqggh6r8ntle966udf59s5g;

  • Amount: 1 unit of asset;

  • Memo: Verification_TxID

We will only accept transactions sent from the Minter address. We cannot claim assets if you send the Details and/or Confirmation Tx from a different address.

The Details_TxID is the ID of the Details Tx. It is not the link, just the ID. For reference, this is a TxID (HUhmMJZdx9AhEytBkdYTB124ptgGGeRMg7xaZyZc2ovgCxRrc) and this is its Tx ID link:

The MinterContact field is required for us as a double verification measure: it can be anything that can help us verify the Minter's identity:

  • Telegram

  • Twitter

  • Discord

  • Keybase

  • GitHub

For example, to claim SCAN, we may send the Details Transaction of 1 AVAX with the following memo:


As for the IconURL, you can use whatever service you want, both centralized (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud) or decentralized (IPFS or similar). The only mandatory requirement is that the link MUST be public, and everyone needs to be able to download the file. Please upload the image in SVG format (preferred) or PNG, in squared format. We are currently not displaying Asset Icons, but are working to display them in the near future.

If the Icon URL is too long, please include a shortlink instead: you can use a service like Bitly or Rebrandly.

And then, for the Confirmation Transaction, we need to send 1 SCAN with the following memo (example tx, not referred to SCAN's details):


We will process the applications within 24-48 hours.

Got a question or need support? Ask in the #✅programs channel in our Discord channel.

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