Avalanche Bridge

In this page you can receive information about the Avalanche Bridge; if you want to know all about it visit this link.

On the top left the AB address is displayed; on the top right there are 3 useful buttons:

  • TXs on Avalanche: all TXs involving the Bridge on the Avalanche side are listed in this page. Info about the page layout can be found in the Avascan C-chain guide

  • TXs on Ethereum: link to the Etherscan page of the Bridge, with the TXs happening on the Ethereum side

  • bridge.avax.network: link to the official Bridge site and the tool to convert the old bridged tokens with the new ones

Below the address there is the following graphic representing the bridge to Avalanche and the total USD amount bridged toward the Avalanche network.

Next, the total number of bridged tokens and info about them is displayed in the following columns:

  • Name: Token name, symbol and icon

  • Contract address: Avalanche token contract (not to be confused with the native one)

  • Bridged cap: market cap of the bridged supply

  • Native price: current token value (from Coingecko)

  • Bridged supply: the current amount of tokens locked on the Ethereum side and made available on the Avalanche side through the Bridge (i.e. the total supply available on the Avalanche network)

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