In this page you can browse all the blocks in the Avalanche ecosystem. Each block contains a group of transactions and many other data; thrugh cryptographic hashes and the linking of block headers those informations are passed to the next one.

Page structure

This page is accessible by clicking from the homepage on Blockchain and then Blocks.

The results are displayed in different columns:

  • Height: a numerical value that represents the position of a block within the blockchain

  • Age: how much time ago the operation happened including date and time

  • TXS: the number of transactions involved in the block

  • Hash: the unique identifier for the block

  • Gas Used: the amount of gas spent for the operations

  • Total burned: the amount of token burned in the process

  • Volume: the volume of gas token used in all the transactions inside the block

  • Size: the capacity of the block, expressed in bytes

  • Chain logo: on which blockchain the block has been executed

By clicking on "height" or "hash" in a single row you'll be redirected to another page that includes all the block details with many additional data.

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