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Discover the most used dApps in the last 7 days

Checking the market trend is one of the most important things to do when investing in crypto (or investing in general). By looking the movements of the people you can invest in projects that are going up and abandon the one going down to maximize your income. With our page we inform you which one are the most used Dapps on the Avalanche network helping you to choose where to put your money in.

Page structure

The page is a section of the Stats one; it shows the top 10 dApps weekly. The criterion for the choice is the number of TX that a single project accumulate; of course there is no permanent position, everyone can go up and down or even disappear from the list.

The data are displayed by:

  • Name: Name of the dApp if registered with our asset and/or address claim program

  • Type: identifies the nature of the project

  • Address

  • TX Count: the total amount of TX done by this dApp in the last 7 days

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