C-Chain is one of the three chain in the Avalanche network, a short for โ€œContract Chainโ€. It is the chain dedicated to the creation of Ethereum-compatible smart contract. It is currently the most populated and complex.

The C-Chain page on Avascan is divided in three sections:

  • Transactions

  • Blocks

  • Tokens


Top left of the page you can see the current total number of transactions on the chain.

You can filter results by:

  • TX type: Import (TXs bridging in from X-Chain) , Export (TXs bridging out to X-Chain), ERC20 (TXs involving the trasfer of ERC20 tokens), ERC721 (TXs involving the trasfer of NFTs)

  • Time span: it is possible to only show txs occurred during a certain time span

The following columns are displayed as results:

  • Hash: here you can see the TransactionID and the TX sender and receiver

  • Block Age: how long ago the TX happened and the date and hour of the event

  • Avax Amount: the amount of $AVAX involved in the TX

  • Status: represented with three icons Success, Failed or Reverted


Top left of the page you can see the current total number of blocks on the chain

You can filter results by time span (already explained above)

The results are displayed in few columns:

  • Height: the number of blocks before the one involved in the TX

  • Age: how long ago the block has been accepted onto the chain, with date and hour as well

  • Transactions: the number of TX in the block

  • Gas used: gas used in the block

  • Total burned: the amount of $AVAX burned in the block

  • Volume: the amount of $AVAX transferred in the block

  • Size: the width of the block expressed in bytes


In this page you can switch between ERC20 and ERC721; visiting the relative page you can see the total number of tokens present on the Avalanche chain.

You can also filter results switching on and off the Bridged button in the ERC20 page in order to show the bridged one only.

The results are displayed in the following columns:

  • Name: smart contract name

  • Contract address

  • Created at: the date and time of the token creation

  • Total supply: for bridged or multichain tokens, this number only refers to the supply in the Avalanche network

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